What Is The 50 STATE CLUB

In 2002 I was creating a blueprint for growth for a skin care company. "The 50 State Club" was born. We purchased a large - poster - map of all 50 States, and had it placed on Styrofoam. We then hung it up in my office and by phone, (not internet) I began to call our Leaders and share with them that each time they opened a State that currently did not have a Retailer in it, they would forever be known as the individual who did a deep dive and opened the state thereby creating a dynamic footprint for the company. It was a huge success. We laughed so hard, and at times had to accommodate several people at once. I used stick pins to mark where we were open.

Today, "The 50 State Club" has the power of the internet. Today, keeping it in the original energy of fun & laughter, "The 50 State Club" is a perfect blueprint for every Retailer who desires an easy path to business growth.

CZ2 LIFE, Design Your Life - Four Tier Leverage Plan is the ideal method of delivery as it allows us to reward Retailers for growth, financially. There are also, fun - company rewards, ongoing as part of "The 50 State Club".

CZ2 LIFE has several Retailer Teams, (we go "WIDE OPEN" 9.28 - 29 - 30, 2023) across the US utilizing "The 50 State Club" experiencing success! I am excited to share that the plan is already impacting lives. Our Retailer Field Leaders will join me in training the dynamics of the process on 9.30.23.

For those of you who are attending our "Wide Open" WITH CZ2 LAUNCH, Wonderful! For those of you who are not able to attend, you will benefit from the trainings and individual stories of success through our website and social media.

CZ2 LIFE "WIDE OPEN" 9.28 - 29 - 30. 2023 Event Details Will Appear on this week, including how to register.

This is your "Next Step".


Where to Begin:

Identify friends and connections in a state not already open to participate in CZ2 LIFE'S initial growth nationwide. Create your own "The 50 State Club" blueprint. Organize your own 50 State Club. As your Retailer Team builds, you will have Retailers who want to work with you to identify friends and connections in states they know, effectively starting their own map, simultaneously building with you.

Why this is Powerful:

CZ2 LIFE'S Mission - Healthy, Safe & Clean Water combined with our powerful passion is an easy to share story. CZ2 LIFE is a testament to the human spirit and is comprised of real people., through our dedicated technology and creative team allows Customers and Retailer Teams to flourish, simply.




The first benefit to participation in "The 50 State Club" is found in, Design Your Life - Four Tier Leverage Plan.

The second benefit to participation in "The 50 State Club" is ongoing recognition throughout CZ2 LIFE'S growth in the U.S. and beyond.

The third benefit to participation in "The 50 State Club" is recognition in the CZ2 LIFE Training clips and reels in CZ2 LIFE Social Media Channels.

Texas, Ohio, Oklahoma, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina, California, New York, Michigan, Washington, Kentucky and Oregon are open!

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